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We partner with organizations that align their initiative in support of girls and women in Ethiopia.

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Adey Pads designs washable hygienic sanitary pads with a porous upper layer and a protective barrier that delays or prevents potential leakage from the absorbent layer of the pad at the bottom and may be used again by the same person after washing, rinsing and drying. It consists of an absorbent pad sandwiched between two sheets of nonwoven fabric.

The reusable pad comes in different sizes in Medium/ Large / Maximum Pads – Medium / Maximum Panties. Also available as a handy 4 pack (3 medium – 1 Large).   The pads are comfortable, strong and absorbent. No leakages when they are changed regularly (every 4 – 6 hours), just as the same with a disposable pad. It is advised 3 to 4 reusable pads per women to manage the menstruation for 12-18 months.    

Pad Material : 100% Cotton

Sizes : Ranging from S to XL

Useful Life : Up to 2 years

Usage : Washable and Reusable (100x)

Pricing : $1 to $3

Our reusable pads are designed with comfort and care in mind, we plan to end menstrual poverty in Ethiopia by contributing our fair share of sanitary pads and by creating awareness for this great cause.

Adey Pads

In consultation with health professionals and reproductive health educators, we made Adey pads entirely from cotton. Our pads are made from a material that can be washed and dried quickly in sunlight. No dyes or foreign matter are used in the process.

The outer cover is a cotton fabric of different colors and the inside is cotton. A typical amount of menstrual fluid is 10 milliliters (two or three tablespoons), so Adey Pads is made with consideration to that as well.

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Adey Pads