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Mickal Mamo

“The presence and absence of sanitary pads in a woman’s life is like the difference between night and day.” 

As an adamant advocate of women empowerment and awareness creation, Mickal Mamo launched Adey Pads in 2019 in hopes to elevate and encourage girls and women (particularly in the rural areas of Ethiopia) to understand and be understood regarding what menstrual cycles and hygiene are, and how they ought to embraced and given acceptance in a society that often tends to view such topics and natural human biology in a dismissive manner and considers them to be a taboo of a conversation.

As a mother herself and an entrepreneur, Mickal has first hand experience of the profound gap that exists in relation to baby products, particularly clothing. And so, Mickal has been engaging in the production of baby clothing for a while before she had transitioned to giving her full attention towards manufacturing 100% cotton reusable sanitary pads.

It was through the numerous stories she heard from young girls, that should have been going to school, that really impacted her to shift her business towards such initiatives. Once Mickal understood the devastating impact of not providing sanitary pads, and awareness on their use had on such rural and remote societies; she doubled-down on conducting her own research on how to develop an affordable, comfortable, durable, and last but not least, a reusable cotton-made sanitary pads.


In collaboration with two pioneer period product activists, I care and jegnit Ethiopia, comes a holistic dignity bucket called birqe dignity bucket, targeting adolescent students all over Ethiopia, this campaign themed” Abeba Ayesh wey timhirt bet tihejalesh wey ?!”
Literal translation of “have you seen your period will you be going to school?”.

Today with a force of 82+ employees (100% women), Mickal is spearheading a movement named “Do you see flowers or go to school?” which is a translation of its Amharic meaning. With this movement, Mickal has brought her philanthropic initiatives to new heights by disbursing 50,000 reusable pads to 10 states in Ethiopia alongside the ever-growing support from numerous NGOs and Non-Profit organizations that stand hand-in-hand for such a great cause of transforming women development, empowerment, and social equity in Ethiopia.

PHONE  : +251 91 150 0109

EMAIL : mickal@adeypad.com

Our Sanitary Pads

It is estimated that more than 22 million girls and women are deprived of access to sanitary pads, we work to change that with our 100x reusable and 100% cotton pads.

Menstrual Poverty 63%
100x usable & Fully Cotton 100%

The blessing seen as a curse

Menstrual cycle or period in Amharic is known as “Yewer Abeba” which literally translates to monthly flowers; it is this literal meaning that Mickal is trying to revive as our ancestors truly knew that such human biology was and is something to be regarded as a blessing and certainly not a curse. Mickal cites, “Our ancestors were close to nature, they didn’t use anything harmful to the body, they treated it with the same delicate care as one would give to a flower.”

Hence by 2025, Mickal envisions to eradicate menstrual poverty through her various initiatives in which Adey Pads engages and works together with numerous enterprises, NGOs, CSOs, and other domestic and international organizations to assure the achievement of such a huge milestone in women’s right advocacy and protection. She also proactively engages in lobbying the government to remove duty and other taxes on such products and their raw materials as part of removing menstrual poverty and creating more accessibility and affordability to a community that is much in need of any assistance it could get.